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Vasse Soccer Club // About

Vasse Soccer Club - 2023 and beyond

In 2022, Vasse Soccer Club had a successful year and promising growth across all teams, and in particular our FIFA teams (ages 12-18). As the community of Vasse grows significantly, so has our club. We had approximately 150 players this year and we are expecting this to grow to 200 in the next couple of years. Vasse Soccer Club is dedicated to supporting our volunteers, our players and our community.

Supporting our new and established players

We will continue to develop the presence of the Vasse Soccer Club in the Southwest region, support our players and coaches through skill development workshops and training. We want to connect with our families and the local community and show that Vasse Soccer Club has a strong place here.

We will support the coaches to make the training sessions engaging for the players, whilst implementing more sustainable practices to minimise the negative impacts sport can potentially have on our ecosystem.

Volunteer Coaches and Managers Support

We have dedicated coaches who enjoy contributing to the club. Some of our older players have begun coaching and refereeing the younger teams which we hope to continue encouraging.

As a club, we are committed to supporting all our coaches and managers, building not only skills but giving them a sense of purpose and ownership over their teams. We want to assist where we can to build their skills and understanding of the game, whilst also engaging players and building strong teams that are focused on skills and supportive, positive relationships with each other.

Community Connection

To enhance our community connection, the club has commissioned two local students, one who is an Indigenous player with Vasse Soccer Club, to create a new logo that is connected to the place of Vasse. It is their interpretation of a Tiger Snake which inhabit the wetlands of Vasse.

We want to involve our players, parents and the wider community in building the club. We are fostering a sense of ownership and pride for all members of Vasse Soccer Club.

Supporting our youth, developing their skills and passion for the game

In addition, the club has identified that there is a lot of skill and passion for the sport in our youth (FIFA) teams. We can foster this passion and upskill our youth by providing them with opportunities to develop team management skills while also sharing their passion for soccer.

Our pledge for sustainability

At Vasse Soccer Club, we pledge to embed environmental sustainability into the ongoing management of our club. We recognise that we all have a part to play in ensuring the protection of our environment for the benefit of all current and future generations.

We pledge to monitor and strive to improve our performance on energy efficiency, waste management and water consumption. We aim to reduce our contribution to climate change and to actively protect and conserve our natural environment.

Sustainability Policy

Vasse Soccer Club recognises that football is a sport that brings people and communities together with our natural environment. We recognise the importance of maintaining our environment so that our members and the local community, both now and in the future, can continue to enjoy this great sport.

Vasse Soccer Club is committed to environmental sustainability through the following principles:

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